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Alive and Bowling!

Contrary to what you won’t have read anywhere, I am still alive!!

I apologise for my great absence from this blog. Not only is the cold weather (-8° in the centre of Bristol tonight, seriously?!?) keeping me far away from my workshop but I’m putting a lot of effort in to making 2012 in to a better year. Among other things, this has meant joining the internet dating scene, meeting people and making new friends… It takes a lot of time and effort but, as much as I still love woodworking, I hate feeling so alone in life.

Anyway. Today, I’m back with a brand-new video and the start of a new series. This was actually filmed several months ago; I think it was October but, it could well have been in September!! To this date, I still have some work to do on this project but, I hope you enjoy the show so far:

You haven’t missed much otherwise. I haven’t even opened the door to my workshop for several weeks and that plunge saw purchase seems to be fading away. Another house move is on the rise and, to be honest, I lost all patience with my landlord shortly after I moved in here, back in March! Work’s started slowly this year in my day job, which I don’t particularly enjoy much either.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

I welcome your thoughts.

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