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Going Digital

Like many other woodworkers, I’m sure, I’ve always had one ‘accurate’ square that I’ve always used especially for the accurate setting of my machinery. Last week, I finally decide to giving ‘going digital’ a try and invested in one of these digital angle gauges (aka. bevel boxes) from Wixey.

You’ve probably seen this type of device already. With their magnetic bases, they’re ideal for the setting of saw blades and machine tables with the greatest of accuracy. I really could’ve used one of these recently while struggling to set my table saw blade to a precise 22.5° – why do I only buy these things after I could have used them?! In time, I aim to produce a short video demonstrating how you could use one of these bevel boxes to accurately set up some of the machines in your workshop.

There are several other brands available but, my main reason for going with the Wixey WR300 was that it appears to be very highly regarded both here and in the USA. Mine was purchased from Allendale, through their eBay shop, at a cost of about £25 including postage. GemRed is another name that pops up and some retailers also offer a version that comes with its own storage case. I couldn’t find many negative comments on that one either, in case you happen to come across one on sale at a discounted price, with Christmas only weeks away now.

That’s all I have to say for now. My initial impressions are that this is something that’ll save me a lot of time otherwise spent faffing around with my machinery and that I should’ve purchased one many months ago!

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One response to “Going Digital

  1. Lazy Larry 22/11/2011 at 20:46

    Welcome to the digital age…I love the Wixey range… I have a remote display on my router table as well as the bevel box.. In fact, I imported quite a few bevel boxes last year to value add to the Torque Workcentre..
    next purchase will be the remote reader for the planer..

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