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Monday Night Shopping

It’s a well-known fact that Monday is the most depressing day of any week, which is why I decided to fill my evening (essentially the short-break between two excessive stints at work) by placing an order online with Axminster for various bits and pieces for my workshop. That usually gives me something to look forward to, later on in the week, when the parcel arrives the next working day (which, in this case, was Wednesday – today!).

I was only really in “need” [there’s that word again!] of a few different finishes so that I can finally sign-off from a growing collection of projects that aren’t quite complete. But, as you can see, I ended up adding several other items to my Basket before heading through the Checkout…

Most of you will have seen and used oil finishes like these before. I’m also looking for a tin of Chestnut’s hard wax oil but, for some unknown reason, Axminster don’t stock it; they only stock a similar offering from Fiddes, which I’ve never used (it’s not cheap, either). I doubt you’ll have seen the Wax-Finish Varnish from Polyvine, though – or, if you have, please let me know of your experiences with this product! It’s something I’m heavily intrigued with; a durable, water-based finish that offers a more traditional finish, as opposed to the ‘plastic’ feel that is usually associated with lacquers like this. I have a project in mind as well (a bathroom cabinet) but, as I’d need to buy some timber (possibly sycamore or maple at the up-coming Yandles show next month…) and with daylight hours in sharp decline, I can’t guarantee that it’ll actually happen this side of Spring… That’s why I only ordered 500ml, as water-based finishes don’t won’t always ‘keep’ for much more than a few months.

Right at the back of that shot is a black plastic flange with an opening for connection of a 100mm dust extraction hose. I’ll be using this to finish building a new dust hood for my planer/thicknesser – which, I’m hoping, will make a hugely significant improvement over the narrowing hood that came fitted with the machine. More on that in the near future!

Next to that, you can see two grades of what are commonly known as abrasive Webrax pads. They also come under several other names and guises but, after working as a cleaner for six-months last year, I can only say that they look very much like scouring pads (except, I haven’t been able to find any in my local Tesco during my weekly shop). I’ve seen The Wood Whisperer (and others) using these pads to deal with rust removal and, with their anti-clogging properties (quite like Mirka Abranet), I’m keen to give them a try for myself.

A 19mm spanner is certainly something I’ve been in need of for some time. It’s one of those sizes not included in many of the basic selection packs yet, I know I’ve had a need for one in the past and it is nice to have dedicated spanners in the workshop some times, as opposed to using a larger adjustable version. For what I actually ‘needed’ this spanner though, I can no longer remember. It might even have been the pillar drill I used to own! I have realised that I do certainly need a 24mm spanner for my mortiser and perhaps also a 22mm one for something else… Maybe next time!

That stockinette roll is also a bit experimental. It’s claimed that these cloths provide the ideal material for applying a wax finish and, at that price, I’m willing to give them a go… Not that I use wax finishes too often! I almost added a bag of cotton rags to my basket but then, I remembered that I still have a bin bag full of old T-shirts and clothes at home – why pay good money when you have perfectly good rags?!

At the forefront of the photo, you can see two black-coated stainless steel rulers. The big idea here is that they’re supposedly less likely to reflect the light, which often makes (cheaper) steel rulers awkward and difficult to read. There’s only one review currently on Axminster’s site and it suggests that the white markings rub off far too easily. What concerns me more though is that, despite ordering the set of three at the current discounted price, I haven’t yet received the 600mm/24in ruler… I can assume that this is what is waiting for me at the local Post Office, as it would be significantly longer than all others items in the box combined. Rutlands wouldn’t pay such close attention to economy when packing and dispatching their goods – they’ll often send you even the smallest of items but in the largest box (actually, Screwfix are no better! They’re almost as bad as those CD and DVD retailers who only pack a single item in to a jiffy bag – I’m sure you could get two in there and it would still fit through a letterbox, therefore allowing them to pay no more than a Large Letter charge for postage!

How times have changed… This was the first order I had placed with the Devonshire-based business in over seven-months!!

Thanks for reading.


4 responses to “Monday Night Shopping

  1. Lazy Larry 17/08/2011 at 21:01

    I often ‘need’ to order online.. just to get the parcel… like Xmas on a stick…

    • Olly Parry-Jones 18/08/2011 at 18:38

      I also buy things after selling something else. It might seem like financial sense but, the real truth is that I’m only after the box so that I can package and post the other item!! 😀

  2. Bongo 18/08/2011 at 10:38

    mmm, nothing like looking forward to an axminster parcel 😀
    I am expecting a new Makita saw and guide (from D&M not Axminster) any day now…. Oh the suspense….

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