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Oil Going Well?

Despite my regular absence from these pages lately, the two planters that I’ve quietly been working on are nearing completion. I will have some video for you in good time (or, you could browse through a selection of photos in my Flickr album).

Over the weekend, I reached that point in the project where most woodworkers tend to come over with a feeling of unease – as there’s no sanding on this one (!), that would have to be the finishing stage! Winking smile

I’m currently leaning towards a paint or stain, as opposed to clear finish that would let more of the grain shine through. It’s not that I detest pine so much; I just feel that I need to do something to try and ‘blend’ all of this timber together, with the distinct variation in sawn finish and colour between the pickets I cut on my bandsaw and the rails, whose faces I have not touched (…much!).

While procrastinating at this stage in the build, I stumbled upon an old tin of Osmo’s UV oil, which I reckon I’ve had for a good two-years:

Sadly, it appears as though it’s started to ‘go off’, for want of a more descriptive term! 😳

Looking underneath that ‘top layer’ reveals some feelings of hope. I don’t remember why I purchased such a large quantity at the time and I’m not prepared to throw it all away now. To try and salvage what I may well have left to ruin, I’m going to try perhaps decanting this quantity in to several smaller containers… It’s got to be worth a try, right?

I’m also planning to line the insides of the planters with a weed-suppressant membrane, which should help to prevent the soil and dirt from spilling out through the sides and or base. Unless, of course, anyone has another idea?

For all of you reading this, I hope you all look after your wood finishes much better than I do!! Winking smile

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Oil Going Well?

  1. Bongo 26/07/2011 at 22:40

    Hay Olly, Planters are looking good 🙂
    That Osmo stuff is defo worth the effort to save, it’s good stuff. Especially worth trying if it is going on some outdoor planters. Reminds me – I have some of a tin left of the stuff left myself…

    Cheers, B.

  2. bongotastic 27/07/2011 at 02:10

    The planters at the house that I just bought are merely cover for a similar-size pot. This way, the dirt never really touches the project.

    Speaking of things going bad, I made veneer softener in May… and now it’s almost August. Methanol probably acts as a preservative, but glycerol is like pure fuel for bacteria/yeasts. I guess that if no funny smell of yellow glue wine developed, I should be be fine to go when I get around to veneering.

    • Olly Parry-Jones 31/07/2011 at 08:36

      Thanks, I think you’ve solved it for me – I’ll try to find a couple of pots (maybe two for the larger one?) that will fit straight inside each of the wooden planters I’ve made! Ironically, my mum had a load about a year ago that she ended up throwing away…

      It makes me wish I’d come across this idea much sooner, so that I could’ve designed these planters so that the internal dimensions suit the sizes of pots that are ready-available…

      If the worst comes to it though, I guess I could always make some more in wood! 😀

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