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Bargain Wood

Last Sunday, I took a drive in to Bristol to collected a job-lot of 3x3in treated, sawn timber that was being advertised on one of the local sites. There were thirty-two lengths in total, each one measuring just under 4ft in length (given the untreated ends, it looks as though they were 2.4m lengths, cut in half). This same advert also appeared on eBay and the seller was asking for £40 for the lot. That is a very good deal, considering that you’d normally expect to spend £3 or £4 per length for 4ft 3x3in posts brand-new today. So, you can imagine how good I felt when he accepted my cash offer of £30… 😎

As if that wasn’t enough; while I was there, the same guy very kindly offered me a collection of 4x2in and 2x2in timber. Some of it had screw holes and much of it had been splashed with concrete/cement, I knew it could still come in handy for jigs and other applications around the home and workshop.

…Just when I thought I was beginning to overcome the challenge of storing timber in my single-car garage/workshop! 🙄

It’s not the treated timber, but the few lengths you can see stacked on top. There’s more further back as well, out of shot. All of this wood was saved from heading to the skip on a building site – you’d think that, by now, all building sites would have a scheme in place for recycling as much of their ‘waste’ as possible… However, it does seem as though some smaller sites can get away with filling skips as high as they like, with whatever they have and sending it all off to landfill! 😛

These 3x3in posts were bought temporarily to aid in the stacking of timber being used for the job, apparently. Hence they fact that they’re still as-good-as-new, aside from the occasional splash of concrete.

Now, I’m not one to go out and buy a load of pine on a whim (perhaps a nice bit of oak, though…) so, I had to have a reason or a project in mind in order to justify this:

Yes, a pair of garden planters, in the same style as the picket fence which surrounds the front of the property I’m currently residing in. I’ve seen many different styles of garden planter of the years but, nothing quite like this (at least, not with the 1in gaps between boards). Along with the interest, it should prove to be at least a little challenging too, or so I hope. I’ll need to make a bandsaw jig in order to round-top every pale and post and, in order to keep the contents inside, I’m sure I’ll need to line it with a weed-suppressant membrane. As I’ll be continuing the rough sawn/country cut finish, as seen on the fence panels; this is one job that will require a lot of work on the bandsaw, with the hours of resawing I next have ahead of me! 😯

I’ve already begun filming some of the initial stages (resawing) and will also try to capture some of the other features of this project along the way (namely, round-topping each pale and post). With my camera being used to record moving images lately, I haven’t given much thought to taking still photographs, which is very unlike me! Whether or not I actually get around to filling them with soil (let alone bedding any plants! :-D), well, I’m not holding my breath!! 😉

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