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An Abrasive Message

Very shortly, I intend to have an update for you on the progress of the new and simple DVD wall shelf that I’ve been documenting recently. It’s almost at the point where I’m ready to claim that project as ‘complete‘, after applying the first coat of finish this afternoon. Before that, of course, I had to give the entire unit a thorough sanding – here, comes a timely reminder to keep an eye on the condition of your abrasive discs, pads, belts and sheets…

These Hermes sanding discs clearly show you when the abrasive is just about ready for a replacement – as the ‘grit’ wears away, the white colour disappears to be replaced by yellow. In addition to that, you’ll also find they don’t cut as efficiently as before…

I’m as guilty as any other woodworker for storing and continuing to struggle with tired, worn abrasives – that’s the only reason why the packs of ten discs I purchased two-years ago have lasted this long!! 😀 [That white disc in the centre of the photo is unused and fresh out of the box.]

You may not fully appreciate just how prepared that old sheet of abrasive for a trip to the bin until after you’ve fitted a used a brand-new one! If in doubt, throw it out! 😉

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “An Abrasive Message

  1. Lazy Larry 03/06/2011 at 20:59

    I now buy my discs from Amazon.com in boxes of 50 … works out about 1/5 price of buying in lots of 5 from the Box Store…

  2. Stuart 04/06/2011 at 23:18

    Now there is someone who could really do with the advantages of jetstream on the Festool ETS ROS!

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