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Spot the Difference

I don’t think I ever got around to showing you any finished photographs of my curved oak cabinet before it went in to the Furnish exhibition, the other week. As a measure of how far my skills and ambitions have progressed in the last two-years, I’ve set it up alongside the ‘apprentice piece‘ sycamore cabinet that we were all required to make at the end of year one (2007-08).

(At some point, I’ll even get around to cataloguing all the work I’ve made on the three-years of the course… I’m really not very organised at the moment, with so much else going on!)

In amongst the arm chair and drop-leaf table,  I really was surprised by just how well this small cabinet was received by the general public/viewers. It’s not like it was badly made or anything [no-one seemed to notice the blatant errors and their fixes! ;-)] but, it was purely a speculative piece to show off some traditional details like the hand-cut dovetails (which were obscured below the top on the drop-leaf table’s frame).

A colleague of my mum’s came to see the show and (apparently) later expressed an interest in “owning” something like this… Mum had it in her mind that it would “probably cost about £150“… (!!!) In actual fact, I’d be looking for £900 to reproduce an identical piece! 😯

In order to save a few pounds, there are of course one or two “un-necessary” features that could be removed or altered, if this cabinet was to be used with its function, as opposed to something ornamental to decorate a hallway or room.  First up would be the back panel. While I do believe in making the best of all areas of a piece of furniture – including the unseen – a sheet of veneered MDF, even a short length of solid oak, 6mm wide, would do the same job and require half as much labour. These are things we have to consider when working to within the client’s budget… In some instances, it may not be practical to reproduce such a piece for less than £700, say. Even the door panel could be ‘dummed down‘ a bit – does it need to have the raised fielding with all the laminating and shaping that surrounds it?

Really, I just wanted to provide you with a few finished photos but, I also hope the extra text has given you something to think about; something to keep the old grey matter from going stale. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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