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eBay Bargain!

Just a brief note (and a bit of a gloat!) to say that I have just this morning picked up a true eBay bargain from the Post Office – it’s a DeWalt DW621 ¼in router. Brand new, still sealed, unused for only £125 (+ £5.95 p&p)! According to Axminster’s current price, I’ve saved a good £70, here! 8)

For a while now, I’ve been looking out for a small ¼in router to complement the two ½in routers I own (one of which lives permanently in a table). I’ve used this very same model at college, several times now, and I think it has an excellent design all-round (based directly on the classic Elu OF 97e, if I recall that correctly). You can see the vertical dust extraction port and that, for me, was a huge selling point – it is very effective and means you don’t ‘need’ to have a large plastic shroud around the base aperture, obscuring your view of the cutter and your work. Every now and again, I bid on a used model that looks to have been well looked after and the bids soon succeed the same price I have payed, here, for this brand new one! This actually came from The BNT Store on eBay and, if you’re after any Abranet discs, it might be worth taking a look at that link! 😉

I cannot fault the next-day delivery service either and the tool works perfectly straight out of the box. Nothing’s missing, damaged or out of place – it really is as new as they described it. One thing I have learnt is that, like the larger DW625 that I’ve used in the past (and too many power tools, for that matter!), getting everything back inside the box is a bit of a struggle.

In time, I hope to be able to bring you my thoughts and opinions on this router. As a big fan of Makita tools, I would’ve considered their RP1110C model, which does look surprisingly similar to the DW621… But, the fence on that one looks pathetic by comparison. Having now seen the DeWalt model first-hand, I’m very confident that I have made the right decision.

This weekend, I was hoping to crack on and finish my cherry bookshelf with a couple of coats of acrylic lacquer. But, I now fear this bizarre cold weather may be too much for the water-based finish. Hopefully, things will brighten up a bit in the next week…

Oh, and if you’re not a fan of all-things-yellow [I’m buy no means a convert, regardless of this purchase!!], I did also receive an old Elu drill (14.4v – at a cost of £10!) earlier in the week, which may well lead to the sale of my old 9.6v DeWalt drill. Finally, if you want a cheap, single-speed ½in router then I still have this Makita clone for sale. I know it still says £50 in the listing but I am open to offers.

Thanks for reading (apologies for the gloat!).


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