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Beautiful Beech

On a much lighter, less-sickening note, I wanted to share with you this lump of beech I found while tidying up my workshop last week:

Although I can’t recall the other dimensions, it’s 2in (54mm) thick and is leftover of the stash I bought home last year when I was building a dining table for my mother. Well, I never actually planned to use it on that table – I saw this board at Interesting Timbers and just “had” to get it in to my car!! 🙄 Since then, it’s been buried deep behind my wood pile (mostly oak and MDF) and, looking at the grain, I’m starting to think about what I might be able to use it for…

Look at it…

It’s insane; it’s crazy; it’s beautiful!!

Mum is now asking for a two-seater bench to go alongside the dining table but I think this is far too nice to be hidden away against the rear wall of our kitchen. Maybe a large, Nakashima-style table top, albeit with two square edges? It has begun to crack and check on both surface (not that I’m surprised!) so, for all the tension that could be built up inside and the loss of all the figuring, I don’t think I could bear to cut this in to narrower widths!

What do you see?

Thanks for reading.


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