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Smith & Roger Wood Finishes

Apologies for my silence recently. Truth is, I’ve been quite busy with other things and haven’t been able to get out in to the workshop as often as I would like. Now that I’ve got a bit of time, we’re waking up each morning to find frost on the ground! Guess I’ll have to look at insulating and draught-proofing the garage door ASAP then!

Today, I’d like to hand out a recommendation for Smith & Roger, a Glasgow-based supplier of all manner wood finishes. They even offer courses as well as kits for French Polishing – here’s their website:


Anyone who read the last issue of British Woodworking magazine (issue no.14) may have noticed their advert offering a free tin of wax with every online order placed in October and November – I apologise for mentioning this now, if you didn’t see it in time! In fact, before placing my order last week, the MD Ian McAslan told me I was the first person to mention it!

One thing that immediately caught my eye upon visiting their site was that they stock a good range of Osmo products. Rutlands offer only the Polyx and Worktop oils on their website so, this is a good option for anyone who doesn’t have a local stockist. My order was placed late on Tuesday (just outside working hours) and delivered some time on Thursday – which does, effectively, qualify as ‘next-day‘ delivery.

What did I buy this time?

Although they offer free delivery for orders worth more than £60, I’m trying to save some money at the moment and so, managed to stick to the bare essentials; worktop oil for my mum’s dining table and some of Osmo’s UV oil, which is supposedly excellent for exterior woodwork (I have an oak house sign and garden gate in mind). That’s not forgetting the free tin of wax, either! Funnily enough, they don’t stock Osmo’s own Worktop Oil and, instead, offer their own alternative. Initial tests have shown me that this will darken beech to the same degree as the Osmo’s Polyx Oil (ie. not very much). Certainly not to the same extent as Danish oil (for which, they also offer their own brand).

Osmo Polyx Oil vs. S&R's Worktop Oil - can you spot a difference?

There don’t appear to be too many companies around who specialise in finishing products so, I believe we should do all we can to support the ones who remain. Next time I need to do any spraying with sanding sealer and lacquer, I’ll certainly be giving Smith & Roger a try – their bulk prices look competitive when compared to Chestnut‘s range, which I’ve used happily in the past.

Again, I apologise for not bringing the free wax offer to your attention sooner, as I believe this offer has now expired. For those of you who haven’t read issue #15 closely enough though, I will alert you to the free postage Workshop Heaven are now offering until the 14th of this month [it was advertised inside the front cover]!

…I’ll be placing an order very soon!

Thanks for reading.


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