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Cheddar Gorge

Before I go on writing about food I probably prepared many weeks ago now, I’ve decided to sit here and write about a group walk I attended last Sunday. This current three-day weekend’s been filled with uncertainty, as dark clouds continue to loom overhead so, I’m not at all confident I’ll be able to get a walk in before returning to that horrible regular routine that deprives you of both freedom and morality…

This was in fact my third consecutive walk with the group and it’s been almost a year since I was last able to say that. A few familiar faces were met along the way. I’d been to Cheddar Gorge many times since 2012 already but I felt it might make a welcome change to be a bit sociable and rediscover it with a group of others; to see where and in which direction someone else may lead.

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Tintern and Beyond

It’s time to write about a group walk I joined over a week ago now. This was the day after walking (at least) fourteen miles up and down the North Somerset coastline between Clevedon and Portishead.

For many, I’m sure, that would warrant a rest day (as typical Sundays surely are for some). But to me, I’m in training for a few long-distance charity walks over the summer and I’d been meaning to visit Tintern Abbey for a good couple of years now.

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Coastal Walk – Clevedon to Portishead

With the summer fast approaching, I frequently think back to last July, when I walked along a stretch of the Jurassic Coast further south in Dorset. I have plans to do a little more coastal walking this year (along with further camping expeditions) and as somewhat of a ‘warm-up’, I met up with a friend in Clevedon (a local town for me) and we set off on a linear route towards Portishead.

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Take the DIY Challenge!

I was recently contacted again by Gareth from Electrical Safety First, who wrote to inform me of a new interactive game they’ve developed to support their campaign, titled:

The Unbeatable DIY Challenge

It’s actually quite fun and possibly a bit easier on a smart phone with its touch screen. It’s free to play, will only require a small amount of time and, well, I think it’s quite smart as well, although the ‘regulations’ will mostly apply to UK residents.

Less than six-months ago, I posted my own thoughts on the dangers of electrical DIY. I’m surprised, as I felt it was more like a year ago. But I still believe in the importance of raising the awareness of the current regulations in England and Wales and of the dangers of electrical work and maintenance in general.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share this post as well as a link to the game.

Elysium Vs. Looper

As those winter evenings fade to a distant memory, I’m finding myself less attracted to sit around watching DVDs at home on a regular basis. But one of the greatest benefits of renting from LOVEFilm is that you cannot get penalised with ‘late fees’ as the time you’re allowed to hire discs for is indefinite.


With the two films I’m writing about briefly this evening, both were in my possession for a good fortnight, if not slightly longer. That’s partly because (very true to my form), I fell asleep and missed large portions on each film across multiple viewings! But I’m now able to write, having seen enough to know more or less what I’d like to say.

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Raisin and Ginger Cake

This is I baked on my birthday, which was almost three-weeks ago to the day. It seems so long ago now… And yet, writing these words, I realise that I’ve eaten quite a lot of baked goods in a relatively short space of time! You could almost look at this one as the ‘warm-up‘ ahead of the chocolate overdose that was to follow days later!


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My First Muffins

Last night, I felt inclined to give you a brief respite from a minor flood of baking goodness. But this post is important to me because it coincides with the first walk I’ve lead this year and as that was already five-days ago, I’d like to get this one out before the week has passed.


This post marks my first ever attempt at baking my own muffins.

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Easter Cake 2015

There are several food and baking-related posts that I have ready to feed you with right now, that it’s hard to know exactly where to start…

My instinct tells me to begin chronologically and work my way forward from there – my gut however, tells me that you can never go wrong with cake, especially when it’s chocolate!!

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